Catered “Fajita & Salsa Bar” for 50th Bday Party!

First weekend in the new year and I had the awesome privilege of catering a fajita and salsa bar for a very special 50th birthday party. We love our customers and treat them all as though they are the most important people in the world….because they are!! This particular customer just happened to be someone who everyone in the OKC foodie world knows as she is a well-respected tv foodie personality on Freedom 43 TV. For her to let me cater her husband’s birthday….well, it was a most fantastic start to this new year!! Thank you, Katie Johnstonbaugh!! We decided on a fajita and salsa bar which included both grilled chicken and steak fajitas, grilled onions, red & green bell peppers and poblano peppers, a special in-house recipe of chipotle avocado ranch sauce, the typical toppings of shredded lettuce, cheese and sour cream, tortillas, chips, our house made fresh salsa and a black bean & corn salsa. All our recipes are in-house recipes made with lots of love and care. We believe our customers are worth it!