A Valentine Banquet for the Young at Heart!

Valentine’s Day…a day when thoughts turn to love and sweet things. This doesn’t just apply to young people, married people or even to just couples in love, this applies to everyone and sometimes it is more about the friends and the memories of years past. This particular Valentine’s, we catered a very special Valentine’s Banquet hosted by a ‘More Mature Ministries’ group. There were lots of beautiful people there…many of whom had been friends for many, many years but may not have even seen each other since the last Valentine’s dinner or sadly since the last funeral. But on this special night, they gathered together singing, laughing, eating, and sharing memories. What a beautiful sight and another evening to add to their memory collection! =) “…till we meet again..”

2013 Valentines Banquet1

2013 Valentines Banquet

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