Chocolate Dreams

I LOVE CHOCOLATE.  Ok, yes that is not like a huge major news flash because I mean, really, who doesn’t??!! 😉 Yes, yes, I know there are a few exceptions to that statement but I always wonder what in the world is wrong with them? lol I’m just kidding. Kind of.  See, anyone who knows me, knows that I am a chocolate lover…dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate…it really doesn’t matter! I have learned moderation over the years for obvious reasons, and only need (notice I said NEED) maybe a small bite of chocolate a day and I’m one happy camper who can conquer the day.  740976_10151414353689343_1036235381_oMany MANY many years ago, my best friend and I tried our hand at starting a chocolate candy business. We had so much fun playing with chocolate and the various molds and recipes.  I remember working endless hours (and days) filling a gazillion orders before certain holidays…hard work? yes. But they are some of my best memories of good times EVER. Even though we were successful at it, loved doing it, and had dreams of opening a full-fledged business, we were so young and clueless with no one to encourage us or advise us. But mostly we were broke…and those dreams faded away.  Recently, as I began playing with various chocolate truffle recipes, doing taste-testings, playing with chocolate candy molds that could be used for the truffles, searching for the perfect packaging…my mind immediately went back to those fabulous chocolate days. My heart smiled as I painted chocolate into molds and memories of my dear friend and I came flooding back (I hope she is reading this and knows how much I still love her and all the good times we had back in the day!). Over the past 2 weeks, I have made in excess of 600 specialty hand-crafted chocolate truffles, all made with love and special care….and I realize that I love chocolate even more than ever!! I think I mostly love it when it makes people smile though. That’s really the reason…its not about me…its about others and bringing an unexpected pleasure for them to enjoy.  And that, my friends, is what brings joy to my chocolate dreams. ~~ <3 Mj

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