Sliders Bar for a Going Away Party!

Once in awhile your path crosses with someone you never would have otherwise known! Such is the case for this special young lady, a foreign exchange student from Norway, who came to OKC, attended a year of school and graduated with the senior class at Putnam City North HS. I know it was bittersweet for her to go back home, but I know that she will always have family here who had welcomed her into their home and considered her their daughter while she lived here. We had the privilege of catering a very special going away party for her and her friends and American family.  Menu:  Sliders Bar with Traditional Burgers and Pulled BBQ Chicken, a variety of cheeses, sauces, and toppings, Fresh Spinach Dip & Pita Chips and Fresh Made Salsa and Chips, and 3 kinds of Dessert Shooters:  Fresh Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Brownie Lush, and Dulce de Leche Crumble & Cream. yummo. I wish the best of luck to this young lady and hope her experiences here in America were wonderful memories for her to carry with her forever! Para la vida loca! (Here’s to the crazy life!) ~ mj

'13 Cater Cude Exch Student Going Away Party1

'13 Cater Cude Exch Student Going Away Party2

'13 Cater Cude Exch Student Going Away Party3




Catered ‘A Taste of Italy’ for a Staff Dinner

What an honor to be chosen to cater a dinner that is a reward for a staff of amazing people at LaPetite Academy for meeting their goal set by their director! A Taste of Italy….oh my goodness…can you tell this is one of the most popular and asked for menus?? I love being able to use the freshest ingredients and original recipes to make every meal with loving care and as delicious as possible!! The Menu:  Garden Salad with Italian Dressing, Penne Pasta with Meat Marinara Sauce, Farfalle Festivale (bowtie pasta with grilled chicken & bacon in a creamy Alfredo Sauce), Oven Roasted Tuscan Vegetable Medley, Buttery Garlic Bread, and of course….Dessert Shooters:  Fresh Strawberries & Cream and the Ultimate Banana Pudding! Oh yum! Para la vida loca! (Here’s to the crazy life!) ~ mj

'13 Cater LaPetite Staff Dinner Kilburn 0516133


'13 Cater LaPetite Staff Dinner Kilburn 051613

A Spectacular ‘Trip to Europe’ Graduation Party!


What an amazing graduation party for an amazing young lady!!  In her selflessness, she had given up a trip to Europe (yes there is a story behind that) and so her parents wanted to bring a taste of Europe to her for her graduation! Again, we had the privilege of custom creating a menu for the client….I love doing this and creating original recipes!!  Menu: Farfalle Festivale (bowtie pasta with grilled chicken & bacon in a creamy Alfredo sauce), Tuscan Chicken Bites with Marinara Sauce, Italian Meatballs in Marinara, Fresh Spinach Dip with garlic French Baguette Points, Fresh Bruschetta with Pita Chips, Domestic and Imported Cheeses, Grapes, and for the Dessert Shooters:  Fresh Strawberries & Cream and Dulce de Leche Crumble & Cream. As always, we have the best clients in the world and love making their special events spectacular!! Para la vida loca! (Here’s to the crazy life!) ~ mj

'13 Cater Jones Grad Party


'13 Cater Jones Grad Party2

Catering an Asian Fusion Menu!

What an honor and privilege to be asked to cater a very special Confirmation Party for a lovely young lady! When I met with this family to discuss menu options and she expressed her love for asian food, I was so thrilled! Not often am I asked for this type of menu and little did she know that I am actually half Japanese!! As we discussed the different dishes we could do, it made me happy to know that what I was offering was authentic recipes passed down to me from my incredible Japanese mother, who was by far the best cook I have ever met in my life. So in her memory (she’s been gone for 14 years now), I lovingly and happily created dishes that I knew would make her proud. This was one of the funnest menus I have had the privilege to do!! Asian Fusion Menu: Asian Salad, Japanese Gyoza, LoMein with veggies, Chicken Yakitori, Asian Steak Skewers, Pickled Carrots & Daikon, Steamed White Rice, and various sauces including our own spicy mayo recipe.

'13 Cater Conf Party


'13 Cater Conf Party1


Catering Italian

Catering the Growth Track events for Highpointe is always such a pleasure! What a great group of people and staff! Tonight was Italian night with the Farfalle Festival (a delicious dish of bowtie pasta with grilled chicken and bacon…oh my goodness…bacon…yup, all in a creamy alfredo sauce), Tuscan Chicken Bites with Marinara Sauce, a healthy fresh salad bar and buttery garlic bread, topped off with a gooey rich dulce le leche dessert.

'13 Cater Growth Track 050313