Summertime Catering Fun!

Don’t you love the cold freshness and the bright colorfulness of fresh fruits and vegetables…the things that make summer eating feel healthy and good for your body? I know I do! Its kind of a precursor to all the comfort foods of fall that we look forward to but know will more than likely include a few extra pounds!! 😀 So here it is the end of August already and the Oklahoma temperatures lately have been hot after a seasonably mild summer. What better way to have some ‘end of summer’ activities (all activities involve food, right?) than to have some tropical and light fare for the palate?! I loved putting together this summer party spread for a drop-off delivery for a Ladies Bunco Party! Menu:  Chicken Salad with Bib Lettuce on Croissants, Garden Salad and Fresh Veggie Tray with Ranch & Honey Mustard, Fresh Fruits with a Pina Colada Fruit Dip and a Strawberry Cream Fruit Dip, Domestic & Imported Cheeses and Crackers, and Roasted Red Pepper Quinoa on Mini Zuchini Boats! This reminds me of the beach and everything tropical and that is ALWAYS a good thing! 😉 Para la vida loca! Here’s to the crazy life! ~ mj

'13 Cater-Urbach Bunco Party

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